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NdAt Veritas, you pay the class fees directly to the individual instructor. All class fees are due by the 10th of each month, September-April. After the 10th, a late fee of $15 is assessed to your fee. You have the option of paying monthly, by semester, or annually.

Our Open House is scheduled for April 30th at 7pm. Come learn about our courses and meet our teachers!


All classes meet on Wednesdays from August 29th through April 24th. May 1st and 8th will be our make-up days,  if needed. Our scheduled breaks are: October 24th, November 21st, December 19th-January 9th and March 13th The first semester will end on December 19th; the second semester will begin on January 9th.

Click on the links below to read the individual course descriptions, including instructors and class fees. Contact the individual instructors to sign up for class. You may do this by clicking on the instructor’s name, under the course description.

8:00 am – Algebra II, Physical Science

8:30 am – Writing I , American History

9:30 am – Advanced Writing, Geometry, General Science, Pre-Algebra, Spanish I

10:30 am – Algebra 1,  American Literature,  Christian Worldview, Government (Fall)Economics- Micro and Macro Combined (Spring), Spanish II

11:30 am – Biology Lab, Chemistry 101,  Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance, NC History

12:00 pm- Anatomy

1:00 pm – World History

1:30 pm- Success Beyond High School (Spring)

8:00 am

Algebra II

Alison Bowman
Grade level – 9th grade and up
Prerequisite – Algebra 1
Cost: $40/mo (for 1 1/2 hour session/week)

Course Description: This contents of this course will begin with a review of fractions, decimals, polynomials, and linear equations and then move on to include such topics uniform motion problems, complex fractions, radical equations, quadratic equations, dependent and independent variables, quadratic inequalities, logarithms and antilogarithms, permutations, and probability. Geometric concepts of area, volume, circle relationships, Euclidean postulates, and proofs are also covered.

Materials: Saxon Algebra 2, 2nd or 3rd Ed.


Physical Science

Mary Able
Grade Level: 8th grade and up
$40/mo (for 1 ½ hour session/week), plus one $20 lab fee in Aug. and another in Jan.

Course Description:  This course covers such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics.

Textbook: Apologia Physical Science

8:30 am

Writing I

Carrie Russell
Target Age:  Middle school-High school
Cost: $35 a month or $280 a year.

Course Goals:  The goals for Writing I are:

  • Expose students to and develop writing competence in five areas of writing:  persuasive, expository, descriptive, narrative, and poetry.
  • Use incremental steps in teaching the writing process.
  • To encourage and instruct students in the writing process.
  • To share a love of the written language and undo any negative fears in reluctant writers.
  • Build vocabulary through weekly vocabulary building activities/quizzes.

Course Description:

This course is designed for middle school and high school students who are reluctant writers or who just need to refine their writing skills.  We will explore a variety of styles of writing and practice each one. Students will gain confidence in the writing process from beginning to end—brainstorming to editing.  The students will have weekly writing assignments in order to practice the concepts taught in class. Vocabulary quizzes, tests, and exams will be given throughout the semester.


Required Text:  Jump In:  A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers by Sharon Watson

Students will need a three ring-notebook, notebook paper, pencils, and pens.

American History




Advanced Writing

Carrie Russell
Target Age: High School
Cost: $35 per month or $280 per year

Course Description: This course is for high school students who are ready for the next step in their writing instruction.  This course is the natural next step after taking Writing 1, but it is not a prerequisite.

Course Goals:

The goal of Advanced Writing is for students to conquer what they need to know for high school and to be prepared for writing in college.  Students will learn writing skills they can use the rest of their lives. We will begin the year by learning to write persuasively and learning persuasive strategies used in the SAT essay.  Later, they’ll navigate comparison-and-contrast essays, a biography, a literary analysis, a research paper with MLA documentation, and much more!

Required Text:  The Power in Your Hands:  Writing Nonfiction in High School 2nd Edition, by Sharon Watson.  

Materials: Students will need a three ring-notebook, notebook paper, pencils, and pens.  It is expected that the papers for each class by typed or word-processed.



Dannette Cox
Cost: $35/month or $280/year with one $40 textbook/material fee.
Course Prerequisites: Algebra I

Course Description: Most high school mathematics is mechanical. However, this is not true for Geometry!  Where solving equations is the focus of other math courses, finding proofs is the theme of geometry. Students will find it similar to solving a puzzle! The contents of study for this class include: points and lines, angles, triangles, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, quadrilaterals, area, geometry theories, similar triangles, symbolic logic, right triangles, circles, constructions, non-euclidean geometry, solid geometry, geometry in 4-D, coordinate geometry, and modern geometry.

Text and Materials: Let’s Practice Geometry Text, (Practice Problems and Solutions for all of High School Geometry ), by Brent Tuller. This is an entire downloadable text available to teachers to use in a classroom setting to teach geometry. There will be a $40.00 fee for this text which will be used to cover the cost of making a copy of the text and other materials  for each student. ( I do have permission to do this, and it prevents you from having to download the course and make multiple copies each week.) Other requirements include a 1” three ring binder, a basic calculator, notebook paper and pencils. Also, bring an attitude with you that is prepared to learn Geometry and have fun while doing so!


General Science

Mary Able
Target Age: Middle School
Cost: $35 per month or $280 per year Lab fee TBA

Course Description to come.



Alison Bowman
Target Age: 8th-9th grade.
Cost: $35/month

Course Description:  The contents of this course will include arithmetic operations of: fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, and signed numbers; order of operations, proportions, unit conversions, probability, algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities, scientific notation, and linear equations. Geometric concepts of area, surface area, and volume will also be covered.

Materials: Saxon Algebra ½, 3rd Ed.


Spanish I

Jennifer McInnis
Age: Middle school to High school
Cost: $35/month ($280/year) and a $5 one-time materials fee

Course Description & Goals: During this course, students will learn to speak, hear, read, write and even think in Spanish!  In Spanish 1 students will learn grammar and vocabulary to help describe everyday life and to be able to carry on conversations in Spanish.  Students will learn to ask questions and share information and opinions in Spanish. Students will also learn to understand written and spoken communication.  Vocabulary units will cover greetings, colors, weather, activities, sports, foods, places, and more. Grammar lessons will include adjective-noun agreement, pronouns, interrogatives, present tense verb conjugation, and stem-changing verbs, just to name a few.  Students will also learn cultural aspects of the language such as holidays, history, art, music, and geography. There will be homework assignments to be completed throughout the week at home to keep you engaged in the lessons from class. It is extremely important that students stay committed to completing the assignments at home, practicing their language skills, and studying during the week.  Tests and quizzes will be mostly taken at home.

Text & Materials: Spanish is Fun Book 1 by Heywood Wald 5th edition, notebook or 3-ring binder, paper, pencils, index cards, Spanish-English dictionary (SpanishDict.com)


Algebra 1

Dannette Cox
Target Age: High School (8th grade alright as well)
Cost:$280/year or $35/month and a one time $10.00 material fee.

Course Description: This course takes the boring out of math! In the Key to Algebra series, new algebra concepts are explained in simple language, and examples are easy to follow. Word problems relate algebra to familiar situations, helping students understand abstract concepts. Students will be introduced to equations, integers, exponents, factoring, graphing, systems of equations, square roots, inequalities and so much more. They will understand why algebra is important and how the principles that they learn will apply to situations that they encounter in their daily lives!

Text and materials: Key To Algebra, Books 1-10  MCGRAW-HILL / 1990 / PAPERBACK . Answer key and test key  are not required, as I will provide answer key, quizzes and tests. I will supplement with handouts periodically to give extra practice from time to time. The $10.00 fee covers this.

One 1″ Three-ring binder, notebook paper, graph paper and pencils.


American Literature

Chrissy Hahn
Target Age: High School (9th-12th)
Monthly fee: $25 or $200 per year

Course Description: American Literature is designed to help high school students become familiar with some of the most important American literary works. Students will read poetry, short stories, plays, and novels.

The course is designed to help students learn to analyze these works, identifying their importance in literary history. In addition, they will learn to identify such literary elements as themes, symbolism, character analysis, plot development, and more.

Students will also learn to write analytical essays about the works, using MLA style.

Proposed Works: The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Of Mice and Men; Short Stories & Poems by Edgar Allan Poe, The Crucible, Our Town, Works by Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and others.


Christian World View

Dr. Wade Cox
Monthly cost:  $35.00
For: 8th-12th graders.

Course Goals:

The goals for this Christian Worldview course are twofold. The first goal is defensive in nature: to keep students from being deceived by anti-Christian worldviews. The second goal is offensive: to train young learners to actively live out the truth of Christianity in a culture plagued by relativism and confusion.

Course Description:

This course is designed to help students clearly understand the tenets of the Christian worldview, and how they compare to the tenets of the leading humanistic worldviews of our day. Students will learn how to apply their Christian faith to every area of life: theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, psychology, law, politics, economics, and history.

Some of the issues covered include: abortion, apologetics, cults, evolution, feminism, homosexuality, naturalism, moral relativism, pluralism, relationships, and socialism.

Text and Materials:

Lightbearers Student Manual (2008) – Cost: $14.95

How to be Your Own Selfish Pig by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay – Cost: $9.95

Both texts are available from Summit Ministries at this site:



Government (Fall)

Shannon Stucker
Target Age: High School (This is a 1hr 20 min. class)
Cost: $40  per month with a one time $10 Supply Fee

Course Description: U.S. Government: Begin your voting career as an informed citizen well versed in the content and meaning of the United States Constitution. We will walk through the history, theory, and application of the Constitution and what it means for the future of American self-government. Each week’s class will include a DVD segment on topics such as our rights, the powers of Congress, the Presidency, and amendments to the Constitution.

Required Materials: Constitutional Workbook by Michael Farris & Apologia (the DVD series is not required, as we will watch those together in class)


Economics – Micro and Macro combined (Spring)

Cameron Denny
Target Age: Middle school to high school
Cost: $35/month

Course Description: We will study the flow of resources through groups of people, and how incentives affect the decisions people make. We will use current economic situations in the US and abroad to learn how government regulations create incentives for or against certain behaviors. We will study some of the major economic thinkers of the last 200 years, and look at major historical events like the Great Depression and Great Recession to understand business cycles and how fear and greed affect shifts in the marketplace. We will also learn about the stock market and its role in economics.

Materials: Students will need to bring a notebook, pencil, and calculator.


Spanish II

Jennifer McInnis
Age: Middle school to High school
Cost: $35/month ($280/year) and a $5 one-time materials fee

Course Description & Goals: During this course, students will continue to learn to speak, hear, read, write and even think in Spanish!  We will build on the grammar and vocabulary learned In Spanish 1, so students will learn to not only express the present tense, but also what happened in the past and even talk about the future!  In addition to verbs, we will work on other grammatical concepts like comparisons, object pronouns, and adverbs. Vocabulary units will include topics such as nature, leisure activities, sports, around town, and clothing.  Students will also learn cultural aspects of the language such as holidays, history, art, music, and geography. There will be homework assignments to be completed throughout the week at home to keep you engaged in the lessons from class.  It is extremely important that students stay committed to completing the assignments at home, practicing their language skills, and studying during the week. Tests and quizzes will be mostly taken at home.

Text & Materials: Spanish is Fun Book 2 by Heywood Wald, notebook or 3-ring binder, paper, pencils, index cards, Spanish-English dictionary (SpanishDict.com)




Biology Lab

Crystal Sigmon
2 hour Lab classes (11:30-1:30)
$40/month or $320/year and $35 Lab Supply Fee (Fall only)
Grade Level: 9-12th, possibly advanced 8th grader

Course Goals: The goals of the biology lab classes are to 1) Reinforce learning of biology through hands-on methods, teaching, and assignments, 2) Develop student’s skills in performing experiments, making and recording scientific observations, data analysis, and scientific writing, 3) Inspire appreciation of God’s creation, the diversity and complexity of life, and native species, and 4) Fulfill the lab component of a high school biology course, acceptable as a prerequisite for college admission.

Course description: This class is designed to provide the laboratory component of a high school general biology course taught concurrently at home.  Course will include 1) completion of over 30 experiments, 2) discussion of Evolution topics 3) teaching biology fundamentals, 4) teaching scientific writing, 5) using scientific method, and 6) increasing knowledge of NC Piedmont native species.  Topics covered include characteristics and classification of microorganisms, fungi, plants, and animals; cell structure & function, genetics, evolution, embryology, and current ecological issues. Labs include using compound and dissection microscopes, study of live and dead specimens and prepared slides; animal dissections; and genetics problems.  Students will do one oral presentation at the end of year. Instructor provides a schedule that coordinates the student’s weekly text reading, lab experiment(s), and homework assignment. Short quizzes are given weekly in lab over text reading and lab prior. Several homework assignments include completing a lab report using observations from the experiments.  Instructor grades lab quizzes and assignments. Parents are recommended to administer and grade textbook module tests. In addition, instructor offers two, free, optional field trips to study the natural environment: Field Studies (fall) and Native Tree Identification (spring).

Course notes:

Parents are Responsible to provide:

  1.  Textbook: Exploring Creation with Biology (2nd ed.), by . Jay L. Wile and Marilyn Durnell (I recommend purchasing the Solutions and Test booklet to give module tests);
  2.  Compound Light Microscope with 3 objectives (i.e. 4x, 10x, 40x) and separate fine & coarse focus adjustment;
  3. 3-ring binder, notebook paper & colored pencils.


Chemistry 101

Dannette Cox
Cost$40/month or $320/year & a one time $35 lab fee (This is a 1 ½  hour class)
Course Prerequisites: Algebra I

Course Goals: The goal of Chemistry 101 is to introduce the student to the basic principles of Chemistry from a biblical worldview and to give that student a solid foundation to pursue further study in the field of science. An understanding of Chemistry is required for students wishing to pursue study in nursing, medicine, veterinary science, engineering, patent law, forensics, etc.

Course Description: The course is designed for the beginning science student. In the course, the student will be introduced to units and measurement, thermodynamics and kinetics; atoms and molecules; chemical equations and stoichiometry; atomic and molecular structure; solids, gases and liquids; and acids and bases.

The student will be required to read and study during the week. The class time will be used to help clarify and instruct the student in the material and to perform experiments that help illustrate the chemical principles studied. There will be one project during the course of the year, an experiment that is researched, designed, performed, and reported by the student.

Text & Materials: Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd or 3rd edition, and Solutions and Tests for Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd  or 3rd edition, Dr. Jay L. Wile.


Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance

Dr. Wade Cox
Target Age: 9th through 12th grades (at least three students will be needed in order to have the class)
Cost: $35.00 per month and a one time purchase of workbook ($20-$25).

Summary: Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel, teach via DVD’s shown during class, supplemented by class instruction and very instructive activities.

Both engaging and entertaining, the Ramseys walk students through the steps to financial peace, helping students prepare for the ups and downs of money before they enter adulthood. Students will see an immediate impact on their knowledge of personal finance.

The curriculum has been custom fit for the 1 day-per-week Veritas format. Included in the 30 weeks are the chapter tests, class activities and comprehensive final. Each lesson has applicable scriptural references.

This instruction is divided into 4 distinct units:

Unit 1: Saving and Budgeting

  •        What is Personal Finance
  •        Five basic foundations
  •        The power of compound interest
  •        Budgeting 101 (including cash flow planning, balancing a checkbook and zero-based budgeting)

Unit 2: Credit and Debt

  •        Get out of debt, stay out of debt
  •        Pay cash for your car
  •        Buying a house
  •        Credit and debit cards
  •        Credit scores and identity theft
  •        Pay cash for college
  •        Buyer beware and opportunity cost

Unit 3: Financial Planning and Insurance

  •        Bargain shopping and negotiating
  •        Investing
  •        Retirement plans and retirement planning
  •        Insurance—protecting wealth

Unit 4: Income, Taxes and Giving

Supplies needed: pen/pencil and workbook


NC History

Chrissy Hahn
Target Age: 8th-12th grade
Cost: $25 per month or $200 per year

Description: Join me as we learn more about this wonderful state we call home! We will study North Carolina’s History, Geography, State symbols, government, culture, and more. This course will involve role-playing, researching, projects, and papers. Come prepared for anything and everything Tarheel!

Supplies: 3-ring binder, notebook, colored pencils or crayons, pen, pencil, scissors, glue

Curriculum: TBA

12:00 pm



Shannon Stucker
Target Age: 9th-12th grades only
Cost: $40/month (90-minute class)  $10 one time supply fee for course & dissection materials.

Course Description:

Human Anatomy:

Many college A&P (Anatomy & Physiology) courses are used as an informal “weed out” for certain majors. If you’re considering a career in the medical field, exercise science, therapy, etc., gain an understanding of Human Anatomy before entering college! In this advanced science course, we’ll explore organ systems of the body and how they work with in-depth study, drawing and labeling, basic medical terminology, and even dissections of the brain, eye, and more. Come to this class prepared to be hands-on with engaging in-class activities and lots of fun! (A pre- or co-requisite study of Biology is recommended but not required.)

Materials:: Apologia Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd edition (Student Textbook and Solutions & Tests Manual); goggles or safety glasses for dissection

1:00 pm


World History

Margaret Wooten
Target Age: Middle and High School
Cost: $35 per month plus a one time material fee of $15.

Course Description:

This class will cover ancient world history from creation until the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditional history has been taught with a disconnect between the Bible and other world history. There has been a view that Biblical History is religious and therefore not relevant to the rest of the world. This class will bring to the two together and create a complete picture of actual history. We will cover geography of the ancient world and compare it to a current map to show the students how this all fits in our world today. There will also be an emphasis on Biblical Archaeology and the discoveries that have been made. At some point during the course (probably in the Spring) we will schedule a day trip to Liberty University’s Biblical Museum to see the artifacts collected there. We will also be building a timeline as we go to be a visual aid to students. The ultimate goal is for the students to gain a greater understanding of the history of our world but most importantly understand the Bible is a real and living book of real events and people.


The Mystery of History Vol 1 2nd Editionhttp://www.themysteryofhistory.com/store/the-mystery-of-history-volume-i/volume-i-curriculum/$42.46

The Student Bible Atlas http://www.themysteryofhistory.com/store/the-mystery-of-history-volume-i/student-bible-atlas/ $11.99

Rand McNally’s Historical Atlas of the Worldhttp://www.themysteryofhistory.com/store/the-mystery-of-history-volume-i/atlas-of-the-world-mapping/ $14.95

Supply List: textbooks listed, 3 ring binder, notebook paper, pencils/pens, and colored pencils.

Daily work required by student: There will be weekly reading assignments that students will need to cover before coming to class. This will require 30 to 45 minutes per day of reading and review. Occasionally, there will be quizzes to see if the students are gaining an understanding of the materials.

1:30 pm


Success Beyond High School (Spring)

Shannon Stucker
Target Age: 10th-12th Grade
Cost: $35 per month on one time $5 supply fee.

Course Description: Are you planning to attend college? Or are you considering the military or planning to enter the workforce? We’ll explore skills related to goal-setting, time management, studying, and student/life success. We’ll also complete a personality assessment and match strengths and interests with possible college majors or careers. Instead of trying to answer the question ‘what do I want to be when I grow up?’, let’s re-phrase and see what happens. Ask yourself this: “how do I want to help when I grow up?’ When your interests and passions align with your goals and values, a whole new world awaits!      

Texts & Materials :  Occupational Outlook Handbook by U.S. Department of Labor (2016-2017 Edition); packet of handouts prepared by the instructor (covered by supply fee); bring a spiral notebook & pencils to class