Veritas Course Proposals

Please give us the title of the class(es) you would like to teach, a description of the class(es), your curriculum, and the grade levels (or ages) that are suitable for the class(es). Also include any materials or lab fees associated with the class, as well as textbooks and supplies the student is expected to provide
Do you know of any potential conflicts in your ability to consistently be present during the 30 weeks of class (vacation plans, etc.)? We understand that occasionally teachers get sick, and you may need a sub; we’re just looking for dates which you know in advance that you will not be present to teach.
Veritas will be unable to offer childcare for your children who are not enrolled in a class while you are teaching. If you need childcare, it is your responsibility to secure it. All children must be under direct adult supervision while they are on campus at Veritas; you may not leave your children unattended. You may make arrangements for another parent at Veritas to watch your child(ren) on site in the nursery, on the playground, or in the fellowship hall while you are teaching. Please tell us whether you will be making arrangements for your children to be supervised at Veritas.