Family Guidelines

Print out and save to refer to during the year!


  • The first day of class is Aug. 24th and the last day is April 19th. Our scheduled breaks are: October 12th, November 23rd, December 14th-January 4th and March 15th. If we have to cancel classes for any reason, make-up days will be scheduled for April 26th and May 3rd. If we don’t need to use any days, classes will then be completed on the 19th of April.  The first semester will end on December 14th; the second semester will begin on January 4th.


  • Please encourage your students and other students to follow the rules of expected behavior. If you see a problem or a potential problem, please feel free to speak to the Assistant on duty about it. Our desire is to maintain a high standard of behavior at Veritas, and we need your help to ensure that is achieved.
  • Students must be able to govern themselves. They must be able to work well in an environment that has a minimal number of rules and a minimum of oversight to enforce those rules.
  • Students are expected to show respect and consideration for their instructors and their peers.
  • Students must respect parent monitors (Assistants) and obey their instructions.
  • Address instructors as Mr. or Mrs./Ms. _________.
  • Do not demean or ridicule fellow classmates.
  • Come to class prepared with all your assignments completed. If you know you will miss class, contact your instructor beforehand about assignments. If you are absent for reason of illness, contact your instructor before your next class for assignments.
  • Arrive to class on time.
  • Take care of Antioch Community Church’s property and Veritas’ equipment.
  • No running or loud talking in the building.
  • Stay in the fellowship hall wing of the building. No eating in carpeted areas.
  • Please clean up after yourself. We endeavor to leave the facilities cleaner than we found them. Picking up snack wrappers and papers shortens our clean-up time at the end of the day.
  • Enjoy your time together with other home-educated students and your instructors. 🙂
  • Remember that Veritas is a place for learning. Although it is fine for students to fellowship between classes, it is not appropriate for non-Veritas students to come to simply hang out. If an older sibling is offering a ride or if someone is assisting a teacher, an exception may be made.


  • We cannot be held responsible for students’ comings and goings during Veritas hours. There are just too many students for us to try to keep track of who is allowed to go where.
  • It is our policy that Veritas students will remain on the premises while classes are in session. Please make sure your student knows this. If students drive themselves, they can come and go under your jurisdiction, but may not take another student off the premises unless permission is given to an Assistant by the parent of that student.


  • If an Assistant or an Instructor sees an inappropriate attitude or behavior, he or she will talk to the student about it.
  • If the student continues to demonstrate an inappropriate attitude or behavior, the Instructor, an Assistant, or a Board member will speak with the parents about it.
  • If the problem continues, the Advisory Board or Instructor will meet with the parents and the student to discuss the problem.
  • If the student does not change his/her attitude or behavior he/she will be suspended or expelled, depending on the severity of the situation.
  • The above steps are general guidelines. However, in the judgment of the Instructor, Assistant, or the Board, alternative steps may be taken if deemed necessary.


  • If you know you will miss class, contact your instructor beforehand for your assignments. Individual instructors may have further policies regarding the acceptance of late assignments.


Our dress guidelines are established to be honoring to the Lord and one another, and to lessen distractions in our studies.

  • Long pants, capris, modest dresses and skirts that are about knee length or longer, and Bermuda length shorts (right above the knee) are acceptable.
  • Unacceptable clothing for Veritas includes: shorts and skirts/dresses that are shorter than Bermuda length, tops that show midriff or cleavage, spaghetti strap tops/dresses worn without a covering, and offensive slogans on clothing. Please wear neat clothing without holes or ragged edges.


  • Parents, please try to make arrangements to sit in on your student’s classes for the first day. This will give you an idea of the instructor’s expectations of your student. Parents are welcome to sit in the back of the classrooms during the year as long as there is room for the students. (No siblings in the classrooms, please.)


  • Because of limited space, friends and guests will not be able to attend classes unless they are prospective students and you notify the instructor for permission before Wednesday.


  • Evaluations of the student’s work in and for class will be passed out to the students in class at the end of the year and/or semester. These may include a final grade for class work.
  • Parents are responsible to award grades and credit for high school students’ transcripts, making sure they have completed a full credit. Parents may add work to what is done in class and average the grades. Please keep abreast of assignments and grades given during the year on quizzes, tests, and homework.


  • The fellowship hall is always open for studying or quiet talking. If you need to talk, please use your ‘inside voice’. Please understand if this is not the perfect place for quiet study.
  • The front lobby of the church will be off limits to students.


  • Please write on your calendar all dates and deadlines.
  • Please read all information you receive from Veritas in e-mails and from your student’s classes and keep the information to refer to during the year. It is very important for you to read carefully and thoroughly all the information sent to you. Most of your questions will be answered in the material sent out.


  • Please use the side entrance for Veritas.


  • You are welcome to check on the fellowship hall table for items of interest and sometimes free stuff. Any Lost & Found items will be in the L & F box!


  • Please mark your student’s name on ALL books, notebooks, lunch boxes, coats, etc., that your student brings to Veritas.
  • We do a very thorough clean-up of the facility after classes on Wednesdays and store all items left by students in our Lost & Found box in the closet off the fellowship hall. Parents, please help your students by reminding them to check for their things BEFORE leaving Veritas. Please check the Lost & Found box on a regular basis. Unidentified, unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of each semester.


  • Students are responsible to arrive to class on time.
  • Classes held in the sanctuary must be especially careful to keep it clean. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED. Do not put your feet up on the back of the pews or take hymnals or papers out of the pews.


  • Veritas will cancel classes if the Alamance-Burlington School System cancels or delays school due to snow or ice (not usually for just very low temperatures).


We believe that God created mankind in His image: male (man) and female (woman), sexually different but with equal dignity. In accordance with this biblical worldview, students at Veritas Classes, Inc. will be referred to by the gender on their birth certificate and be referenced and addressed by name, and with pronouns in the same fashion.



You will receive a monthly invoice via email. You may pay electronically, by check, or cash. There is a 3% convenience fee if you choose to pay electronically. Checks should be written to Veritas Classes Inc. When sending cash, please send exact change.


Each instructor has the right to cancel a class if there are not enough students enrolled. The instructor is paid in eight monthly payments to enable families to afford as many classes as possible for their children. You are also welcome to pay the entire fee at once or pay by semester (at the beginning of each semester). A 10% discount will be given for pre-payment of full semester or full year tuition (Payment must be cash or check).

You may bring your payments to the assistant’s table on the first Wednesday of the month, or mail them to Veritas Classes Inc. 1600 Powerline Rd., Elon, NC 27244  by the 10th.

DROP CLASS FEE: There will be a drop fee of $50 if a student drops his or her class after the first two weeks.

Please fill out the Class Drop Form to drop a class.

Personal Electronics Use Policy

The following personal electronics use policy has been established to ensure that Veritas Classes can maintain the best possible environment and support of our mission while minimizing hindrances, encouraging a positive and nurturing learning environment, and providing guidance, integrity, and protection for our students. 

Use of personal electronic devices in the classroom is a hindrance to the learning environment, because they: 

  1. Serve as an annoyance and distraction for students and teachers
  2. Serve as a temptation for sharing test information and cheating
  3. Take valuable time away from instruction and can create disciplinary problems

Classroom guidelines:

  • Cellphones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, or earbuds may not be used in the classrooms and should be put away in backpacks or bags and silenced during classes. They must not be visible. 
  • Teachers reserve the right to collect their students’ personal devices until the end of class time. 
  • Students will not be asked to use cell phones, tablets, or laptops for instructional purposes during class time unless the class is specifically for learning about computers or website creation, and then that will be expressly written in the course description. 
  • If your student(s) uses a smart watch or phone for medical reasons, to check blood sugar, etc., we will need written notification from a parent for use in the classroom.

Veritas acknowledges that personal electronic devices have the potential to undermine the overall communal life of Veritas, as well as the privacy of others. We also acknowledge that our families have differing guidelines for use of personal devices. 

Though Veritas will allow personal electronics use in the common area of the fellowship hall and monitored by the Assistants, we encourage limited use of devices and instead prefer that our students use this time for social interaction, studying, or reading

Common Areas guidelines:

  • Cellphones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, and earbuds may be used in the fellowship hall when your student is between classes, but the devices may not be shared with another student. They are for personal use only. 
  • Personal devices may not be used in bathrooms or any other areas of Antioch Community Church that cannot be supervised by the Assistants during Veritas Classes hours. 
  • The Assistants on duty will monitor electronics use in the common areas. 
  • The use of devices in association with social media may infringe on the privacy of other Veritas students, teachers, and families, so we ask that no photos taken at Veritas be posted on social media or shared with others without permission from the persons in the photo. 

Veritas and/or Antioch Community Church is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged electronic devices.  

Disciplinary Action

  • 1st Offense: In accordance with our Family Guidelines, for a first offense of this policy, a Veritas Assistant or Instructor will speak with the student and have him/her put their device away. 
  • 2nd Offense: The student’s device will be taken away, given to an Assistant, and returned at the end of the Veritas day or when the student leaves. The offense will be documented by an Assistant, and the parents will be notified in case they depend on being able to communicate by phone with their student. 
  • 3rd Offense: After a third offense, the student loses the privilege of bringing a device to Veritas for a month. The offense will be documented, and the parents notified. 
  • 4th Offense: The student loses the privilege of bringing a device to Veritas for the rest of the semester. The offense will be documented, and the parents notified.  
  • If the disciplinary action is ignored after a third or fourth offense, and the student brings a device to Veritas during their device suspension period, the parents will be asked to come in with their student and discuss this with the administrator. If the student refuses to obey our guidelines, then he/she will be suspended or expelled.